Assignment #6 | 6 B/W Images

On Facebook, a friend challenged me to post one lone photo, new or old, executed in black and white, for 5 days strait; and nominate another friend to do the same. I’m busy at that right now. The challenge reminded me that it’s been ages since Leslie and I fulfilled a Snapmammas assignment.  So here is the new task for our sixth photo mission:

Share 6 Black and White, lone new or old images not previously posted in the blog. Drop them consecutively before adding new color images.

As I started looking through my previously taken photos, before entertaining new shots, I remembered the image below from my recent photo foray at the 2014 Balloon Fiesta. You can link to those color shots here: part one, part two, part three, part four).


B/W Assignment | Team Zebra, Balloon Fiesta 2014

My initial reflections about shooting in monochrome are:

* Without saturated color, just tones in grey along the black and white spectrum, eyes are drawn easier to lines and curves in the composition;

* Black and white treatment punctuates an image with timelessness;

* If in B/W, the lighting becomes a critical factor.  If the subject is not presented to our eyes in pure black and white schemes, one must search out highlights and shadows and contrasts in a way that presents the subject with more artful intent.

I have 5 more images to share for this assignment.

Let’s see!

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