Crazy 8

I was at work on baking, filling and frosting a birthday cake for my now turned 8-year-old. It occurred to me to photograph it a few ways.

In the first image I used soft focus on the strawberry jam being used to fill the cake. My boys think this looks like a virus under a microscope. I just enjoyed the dancing light.


Bokeh | Soft focus on the Specular highlights on the Strawberry Jam Filling


Here is the cake before the candles were lit.


Crazy 8 Birthday Cake

Here is the cake while it was being anticipated. The honoree was being a wise guy and blew out the candles with his nose.


Using His Nose to Blow Out His Candles


Finally, here is my favorite shot of the cake. It was taken after everyone had their first slice.


Round One: Done! | Double layered vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam, frosted with lightly sweetened whipped cream, and topped with fresh raspberries.


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