Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Part Four: On the Grounds

As I wrap up my highlights from this year’s Balloon Fiesta, it’s time to level the eyes down from the sky, to moments captured at the ground level. For photographers who thrill in a carnival atmosphere to make candid street photography, Fiesta people watching does not disappoint.


Balloon Fiesta 2014 | All Geared Up

I enjoyed the moments observing people wearing costumes, adorned in silly hats, boasting collector pins, outfitted in clothes that mimic patterns on hot air balloons. There was abundant opportunity to click when people were texting on their phones, gawking at balloons and shooting photos, shivering in the cold, chasing after children, performing all sorts of jobs, directing balloon launch traffic in zebra striped costumes. I aimed at the awkward and the honest. It was irresistible!


Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Six Eyes


IMG_6391-The JokerTradedUpForMedusa

Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Came In As A Joker, Left As Medusa



Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Stand in Line for a New Mexican Grilled Cheese Donut with Bacon and Green Chile – only $5!



Balloon Fiesta 2014 | A New Mexican Balloonista in Commemorative Pins





Balloon Fiesta 2014 | We had next at the sign; right after Rapunzel!



Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Too Cold to Text



Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Chief Zebra: Kevin French, Launch Director. Zebras are dedicated, highly trained volunteers that coordinate balloon launchings. They handle crowd control, observe pilots , and work with balloon teams to get balloons safely off the ground every morning. Zebras toot their whistles and give a “thumbs up” signal letting pilots know they are clear to take off.



Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Aspiring Zebra


Fiesta Queen Stops For No One

Balloon Fiesta 2014 | Spirit of the Winds: A Flamingo-capped, Rainbow Skirted Fiesta Queen cruises relentlessly through the crowds.


And that concludes this year’s Balloon Fiesta overview and photographic highlights.
May the Spirit of the Winds, The Force of the Balloon Fiesta, be with you.

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