Rachael’s Smashing Strangers

This is a plain gallery view of the smashing 100 Stranger Portraits I have taken for the Flickr Group, 100 Strangers.  To read the stories and narratives for each of my encounters, you can visit my up-to-date set in an album on Flickr.com found here; you may also look at Snapmammas’ archives for all the portraits that have been posted individually in the blog runway.  I provide a description of where and how my image came about, and what may have taken place in the encounter, humanly and photographically. If the people share with me about themselves, I include that in my feature. It’s nice to get visual and reading material delivered to one’s inbox. If you haven’t already subscribed to our blog feed, here is another reason to do so! The stranger portraits get delivered like any other Snapmammas post; and even though I write these, I still get excited to see and read them when they are delivered by email.

Please, if you leave comments below, let me know at which portrait you landed and enjoyed. Overall, I am hoping to see progress in my images as well as in my workflow.  All of these images were made on location. In all cases, I’ve made the attempt to provide an electronic copy to the subject, if they provided me with an email address.

If you are in the Albuquerque Area and wish to be included in this project, and/or would like to hire me to make your own portrait for private enjoyment, please email a note in the comments section.

As with all the photographs on this website, the images are copyrighted and not to be republished without prior consent and proper licensing from the artist. All of the images on this website are available for purchase. Send us a note in a comment with your name and contact information (address, email, phone) and it will facilitate that we may connect.

IMG_5328 Stranger

1/100: Julia


2/100: Annie


3/100: Maggie


4/100: Rana


5/100: Mei

Stranger 6of100

6/100: Russell

IMG_6822 AlyssaFLICKR

7/100: Alyssa


8/100: Louis


9/100: James


10/100: Susan

IMG_7088 Stranger11-PatriciaFLICKR

11/100: Patricia

Helen, herray22@comcast.net

12/100: Helen


13/100: Eva


14/100: Christina


15/100: Megan


16/100: Tina


17/100: Stephen

IMG_7432 Stranger18-Julian-Flickr

18/100: Julian


19/100: Briezy and Lee


20/100: Chase


21/100: Maureen

22/100: Erica

22/100: Erica


23/100: Tomás


24/100: Florence, aka Flo


25/100: Charm

26/100: Pam

26/100: Pam

IMG_8600 -Stranger27TannerFLICKR

27/100: Tanner

28/100: Dani

28/100: Dani

Basket Night.

29/100: Kristi


30/100: Rachel


31/100: Andrew


32/100: Jason


33/100: Divina

IMG_8902 LeahStrangerFLICKR

34/100: Leha


36/100: James aka Jim


37/100: Kelly


38/100: Cindy


38/100: Michael

IMG_0258-Stranger39-Amelia FLICKR

39/100: Amelia


40/100: Sheena


41/100: Janice

Stranger 42/100:Sebastian. Like myself, he is a nature enthusiast who was on a photowalk at the Valley View Overlook Trail at Saguaro National Park, West. We had an interesting encounter. It began with my first meeting his mother on the trail. She was a few steps ahead of me and when I caught her, discovered she was a German traveling with her husband and son. They were both was ahead of us on the trail. We caught up to them and reached an exciting subject: a low hanging open flower on a Saguaro cactus that was perfect for picture making. Most flower buds don't appeaer at human eye-level. The cactus don't produce the flowers until the life of the plant is anywhere from 35-75 years old, and they sprout at the top of the plant head, which can range in height from 20+ feet up. I noticed that the son was equipped like me with Canon equipment and he had some extension tubes on his main lens. I wanted to compare exposure notes (it was extremely bright in the 3 'o clock hour of hour meeting). So in my rough German, I began to speak and ask him a question. He appeared to ignore me. Mother put her hand on my shoulder and said in English, "He can't hear you. He can not hear." I looked at her and asked, "He is deaf?" To which she nodded one time. He looked up and I spoke slowly, because it was evident he was an accurate lip reader. I asked his name in German, and he answered me in perfect English. Meet Sebastien, 43/100. Both of us returned to our respective vehicles and came back with additional lenses: I with my 10-22mm wide and external flash; he with some 100mm macro. We each spent about five minutes studying the flower, and then turned to each other and asked if we could take each others' picture. He wanted to have his photo taken with the wide angle, so he popped his memory card into my camera, and I made this image for him. I asked him to hold on and let me take it once I replaced the memory card with my own. He also took one of me with the same background. Afte

42/100: Sebastian


43/100: Betsy


44/100: Claudia


45/100: Kevin


46/100: Carolyn


47/100: Serendipity

8x10Sabrina Strnager-6898-FLICKR

48/100: Sabrina


49/100: Georgette and Matthew


50/100: Elan


51/100: Aaron


52/100: Ken


53/100: Willem


54/100: Jeff


55/100: Whitney


56/100: Scott


57/100: Lee


58/100: Tony

Portrait of Bob, stranger 59 of 100

59/100: Bob

Portrait of Michal, stranger 60 of 100

60/100: Michal

Portrait of Yisrael, stranger 61 of 100

61/100: Yisrael


62/100: Daniel


63/100: Bob

Portrait of Autumn, stranger 65 of 100

64/100: Autumn

Stranger Portrait 65 of 100 is of TEX, an 80 year old man with a black fedora and goatee

65/100: Tex

Portrait of Carolyn, Stranger 66 of 100, an eighty year old woman wearing tassel earrings and a sequined blouse.

66/100: Carolyn


67/100: Carolyn


68/100: Chloe


69/100: Raechel


70/100: Sam


71/100: Robert


72/100: Deborah


73/100: Dezaree


74/100: Elizabeth

100 Strangers | Diane and Friend

75/100: Diane and Friend

100 Strangers | 76: Kelly @ 6:56:54, AIBF 2015

76/100: Kelly

My 76/100 strangers is a fellow named Bill who described himself as intelligent, joyful and accommodating. Bill is a Zebra, and Chief Launch Director for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF). He has been involved with Fiesta for 21 years. He used to live in Albuquerque, but his wife’s job moved them away to Tennessee, where during the year he is a business to business consultant. Bill returns dutifully to Albuquerque to perform his mission critical AIBF event job, which shows his passion and commitment for the event. We met during Mass Ascension in an area that was being corded off for a hot air balloon compeition. Bill handed me a card while we were becoming acquainted. On one side is a group portrait of Zebras wearing their black and white dazzle uniforms. On the reverse it says the following: “The Launch Directors, affectionately known as the “Zebras” are volunteers whose job is to safely launch all 600+ balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The Zebras are all volunteers who work very hard for the nine days of Fiesta. Without their assistance, it would be close to impossible to get 600+ balloons in the air at the same time. They work hard, are dedicated and enjoy The Zebra life.” Like Bill, all Zebras dress in black and white striped referee uniform tops and each one puts custom flair touches on his or her outfit. Outlandish details are expected, such as zebra themed buttons or pins, and the zebra patterned cowboy hat you see being worn by Bill. Other than their microphone and earpieces for walkie-talkie radio communicaitions, Zebras all wear referee whistles and blow them to direct spectators and foot traffic away from balloon crews setting up the hot air balloon equipment, which includes balloon envelopes, stay lines and baskets. You usually hear them before you see them; which is hard to imagine considering the dazzle they must wear.

77/100: Bill


78/100: Cassandra


79/100: Chelsea



80/100: Alice


81/100: Maryann and Chuck, Dia De Los Muertos 2015


82/100: Raquel, Dia De Los Muertos 2015


83/100: Linda, Dia De Los Muertos 2015


84/100: Kai and Brighton, Dia de Los Muertos 2015


85/100: Gloria


86/100: Josh


87/100: Carlye


88/100: Jennifer


89/100: Brittany

Portrait 90/100, a stranger named Ray

90/100: Ray

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