A Pastel Palette

Soft and gentle colors reflected on fine beach sand a few feet from the surf.

Beach Sand, at Padre Balli Park, North Padre Island, Texas.

Soft and gentle colors reflected on fine beach sand a few feet from the surf

Landscape photography is most commonly a means of rendering magnificent broad sweeping vistas. It’s also possible to make landscape images by honing in on small details that may be beneath or around us.

Here, the stormy sky that is not depicted in this image was responsible for the appearance of dark rich colors being reflected in the shallow grooves of beach sand just beyond the tide.

This view was captured at Padre Balli Park, on the North end of Padre Island, Texas. The park is a mixed use Gulf of Mexico barrier island beachfront park with over 300 acres of soft, fine sand for beachfront activities, recreational vehicles and camping access. There is a fishing pier, an observation deck and a concessions area.  It also had public services for park users such as bathrooms, showers and first aid.

Unfortunately, the weather was too cold and the water was too rough for a dunk in the ocean. I did find the pleasure of seeing these beautiful colors and gentle lines along the sand. And of course, there was the refreshing and abundant damp salty air so unobtainable from our home base in the high desert of New Mexico!


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