Skyrise at Circus Circus

After our journey to spectacular Death Valley, we returned to Las Vegas for hot showers, a buffet dinner and more sight-seeing. Looking again at this exciting urban landscape, I saw the architecture with many abstract possibilities, especially during the daylight hours.


Las Vegas | Circus Circus By Daylight

I noticed this Art Deco, geometric tile pattern on the base of the Skyrise Tower at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. The symmetry and elegance of the design was like a flourish on a shirt cuff.

The property expanded its hotel towers in 1972, 1980, 1985, 1986 and 1996. Any of those years could have been the time of this curvilinear and linear tiled design. The casino compound is predominantly white colored, with accents off the color wheel from the red/purple burgundy region; predominantly in shades of plum and pink.

What do you think about the color palette: is it dated or timeless?

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