Bellagio Fountain Rainbow

The fountains at the Bellagio Hotel are the most visited tourist spot on The Strip in Las Vegas. It’s free. It’s outside. It’s a marvel of showmanship, and SO MUCH FUN to watch; no matter your age.


Las Vegas | The Bellagio Fountain Rainbow in Panorama

During daylight hours, every 30 minutes, one can view the techno-spectacle from a variety of areas around the water pond. The music selection changes, as does the dancing water routine. The fountain activity is frenetic and in-synch with the music on the loudspeakers. Even though one can see the tracks for the water jets lurking beneath the surface of the pond, it’s anyone’s guess when and where the water will shoot up and recede.

I didn’t have long to react and capture the unexpected rainbow that appeared in the serendipity of the afternoon sunlight. It was pure delight!! This final image was made by stitching together two hand-held manual exposures. The extra-wide view includes the Paris Casino Hotel in the background.

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