Death Valley NP | Zabriskie Point Sunflare

There are no shelters from the sunlight on the trail at Zabriskie Point.


Zabriskie Point Desert Elements: Sand, Mountain, Sun

At the instance of our visit, I wanted very much to photograph that dramatic mineralized area of earth. Yes, the one in the middle with the brown cap.  You are correct that I reckoned with the sun.  After accepting that the sun was a key element in the desert landscape, it became a question of composition. Here, the sunflare portrays the brutal, unwielding presence. Although it protests for not leading the scene, the sun plays a great supporting role.

7 responses to “Death Valley NP | Zabriskie Point Sunflare

    • Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment. In this part of the park: snakes, lizards, ants, raven and roadrunners (birds) are most likely to be seen. However, the NPS lists potentially dangerous animals: rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widow spiders, bees, wasps, coyotes, and mountain lions. Visitors are advised to always look first before placing hands or feet anywhere!

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