Tucson at Dusk- Side A

We did a quick road trip out to Tucson, Arizona between end-of-school and start-of-camp. Our next door neighbors grew up in Tucson, so they recommended some places to eat. We hit one of them, and it was in a part of town that looked interesting for night life, though with three kids, it was brisket sammies and bedtime for us.

The kids eat slowly. When I finished eating dinner at Bison Witches @ 326 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705, I stepped outside to snap the scenes from the street while Hubbster paid the bill. Here is Side A.


Bison Witches window gives a taste of local events


Tucson Hearts Love Locks


A Colorful Archade


F U Goodwill is Scrawled on the Window of the GoodWill Storefront; Glass Panel on the LEFT.


I stopped to Admire the Chalk Sign, Too.


Sunset Hitting the Corner

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