[15/100 Strangers]: Megan


[15/100 Strangers]: Megan

When I walked past the subject of this portrait, I was departing from the Albuquerque Botanic Garden following frolick, photos, and five successful stranger portraits. I was patting myself on the back for being such an opportunist in one afternoon. Then a voice in my head shouted, “Snap out of it! Look at this woman who matched her glasses to her blouse to her cellphone skin. Go ask for her to join the project!”

I turned around on my heels feeling that I’d most certainly regret not asking for her portrait and participation. I walked back the ten feet or so and was greeted with this warm smile. Say hello to Megan. She is 15/100 in my 100 Strangers project.

Megan was sitting on a bench by the park exit waiting for her hotel shuttle pickup. She was in town overnight for a job interview. She explained that after receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer science, she decided to earn a Master’s in Library and Informational Sciences. Megan now was hoping to be hired as a Science Librarian at our local university.

It was near closing time and the ladies from the Iris Society were also leaving through the same gate. One was carrying a large bucket of their competition flowers; the event having concluded (see my portraits 10-13 for more back-story on that). Now acquainted with my children, they encouraged them to pick out a half dozen or so of the cut flowers to bring home to me. It was amazing how people who were mere strangers only an hour before were now offering us a lovely gift.

In the middle of taking Megan’s portrait, I was interrupted by one of my well-meaning children. He wanted me to hold the bunch of flowers he picked out for me. In exchange for allowing me to photograph her, I re-gifted an iris to Megan. I wished her the best of luck on her job interview. Her shuttle arrived, we said goodbye, and off she went.

My child was upset that I gave Megan one of the prettiest flowers. I agreed that it was gorgeous, as they all were. I also explained that Megan was about to spend a night alone in her hotel room, thinking about her morning interview for a job that is important to her. I hoped that the flower, and our brief encounter, could give her something positive to dwell on in the meantime.

I never did hear back from Megan after sending her the photo. Well, we were rooting for her!

Thank you for taking the time to read the story of my encounter with Megan.

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