Tucson at Dusk – Side B

In the days of 45 rpm records, the artist’s labels and publishing companies put the expected hits on side A. That’s what they promoted for airplay and billboard charting. Then there was the “B-side;” where the sleeper songs were published. The gems. The risks. The novelties.

Well, the shots at dusk in Tucson were no different for me.  Here is what I found on the flip side of the street from our dining establishment.


A Skateboarder Rides By the Paraphernalia Shop


Calling All Dead Heads


Is the Painters’ Tape Really Going to Help?


Off-Street Parking


The Sign to the Left of The Hut Entrance Says,, “No Se Permite Armas.” Leave your gun in the glovebox, K?


Thrift Shop Window Vinyette: Second-Hand Southwestern Wear

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