Green Chiles in WHAT?

In Hatch, which claims to be the chile capital of the world, you can find chiles (that’s peppers) in just about everything on a restaurant menu. When we stopped at Sparky’s Burgers Espresso BBQ and Shakes, it seemed like a perfect oasis for our road trip. It even had a water feature.


Sparky’s Gets Funky


Sparky’s Attention Grabbing Roof


Raffi Meets a Footless Colonel Sanders Outside the Entrance


Careful When Placing Your Order: Read the Drink Menu Very Closely.


2 Stich Panoramia | Conversational Cookie Jars and Collectibles line the wall


Where you make your orders, this pretend button is on the counter


Green Chile Shake topped with marshmallow fluff and yes, chopped Hatch green chiles!!!!

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