Lonely and Superstious

We held a multi-family garage sale in the neighborhood on the weekend. I didn’t have a chance to make any human stranger portraits. Interesting people were gone in a flash while I was cashing out other customers. I do, however, have two bits from the event to share.

A prospective customer walked onto my driveway. He went to the table of gently used boys’ clothing and was leafing through some folded rugby shirts.

“Are you looking for any particular sizes?” I asked him.

The guy left the clothing table and walked right up into my face. He had a glass eye and was wearing a puka bead choker inside a turned up shirt collar. He looked to be about 60 years old.

“No,” he said. “I’m looking for a wife. I drove here from Angel Fire. We don’t have a lot of women up there.  I’m lonely.”

I had nothing to offer him at the sale.

Now for a non-sequitor photo closeup from another prospective customer’s automobile:


This stuffed toy bee was hung on the front grille of a Toyota Corolla that parked next to my curb during the garage sale.

Some superstitious people will hang a stuffed animal or toy from a vehicle bumper or tow loop. It’s a way for them to show respect to the spirits of people who have died on roads as a result of car accidents.  The spirits are placated by the object so they don’t cause the vehicle’s driver mischief or harm; such as another car accident. So this orange bee is a good luck charm.

Chalk it up to another image for my “Albuquirky files.” I wonder: is it worth setting up a actual category on the blog to organize these sorts of shots? Would you like that? Feedback, please in the comments.

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