[12/100 Strangers]: Helen

[12/100 Strangers ]: Helen

Immediately after capturing Patricia, my stranger 11, I began to speak with Helen. I admired her choice of an iris-colored blazer to show her Esprit de corps and told her so.

We exchanged some pleasant banter about the 100 Strangers project. She wanted to be included in my photo session. Helen told me that she is considered to be the photographer of her group: the Albuquerque Aril and Iris Society.

I said that I would do my best to capture her despite our light being less than ideal; it was a bit dark inside the gallery.

Helen replied to me, “Yes, but it is natural light.”


Helen is 12/100 in my 100 Strangers project.

After she received my email with the image attached, she replied to thank me. She said, “At first I didn’t know that old lady. It will come in handy to put in the garage to scare the mice away from building summer homes in there.”

Oh my.

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