The Little Black Background

I couldn’t resist making some photos of a bouquet of pink tulips that were brought to me for hosting a dinner party.  I waited for the petals to open up the day after the event.


Pink Spring Tulips | 1/400 sec; f/1.4; ISO: 250; 50mm

To go for a delicate render, I cranked wide open the 50mm lens to F/1.4; the maximum aperture on my lens.  From my experience making stranger portraits with this eqipment, I knew I’d only get one selective focus point in the composition.

For the “little black background,” I propped up a piece of black foam-core behind the flowers. It served as a “studio wall.”

If an amazing bunch of flowers finds its way into your own hands at a Farmer’s market or other event, take a picture of the bouquet. It’s classic subject matter and the image will outlast the bunch.

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