Cook’s Meadow Loop in Yosemite NP

In the lower elevation meadow where we first viewed Upper Yosemite Falls, I made this image .


Aquatic Abstract| Unidentified Flowers in Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite NP

The Sentinel/Cook’s Meadow Loop was supposed to be an easygoing 2.25-mi. trail through a pair of meadows, offering views of Yosemite Falls & Half Dome. We found the meadow was submerged in water, much like a pond.

The natural light was dull through an overcast sky, so I looked downward and found these plants, which I have not yet been successful to properly identify. Please, in the comments below, if you know the ID, help us learn what we are looking at.

Even though the wildflowers appear to be in an aquatic environment, I’m doubtful they are usually submerged in water. Because of the water, I could not approach them any closer, which would have aided plant ID. To me, they resembled False asphodel (Tofieldia glutinosa) but I believe they are not found in Yosemite NP.


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