The Menagerie of Mariposa, CA

This random collection of figurines was seen in a weathered window frame, when I made a tiny detour off the main street in the little town of Mariposa, CA.


Whimsy along the Central Yosemite Highway

Mariposa is at the gateway to Yosemite National Park. The town has a small population just over 2,000, and its picturesquem quaint main street is adorned with gift shops, restaurants and cafes.

Even with the postcard-like views, I wanted to follow my curiousity so I strolled to a side street to discover something interesting or unexpected. That’s how I found this street-facing collection in a weathered window frame.

I positioned myself so the view of the menagerie has the perspective of the “little gang” being in town. The reflection of local architecture, from an establishment across the street, gives the additional flavor of the place.  I took care to avoid an accidental selfie in the window frame, too.

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