Basket Night 2017 | Post 4

Basket Night was held on May 4th. It’s apparently become a new holiday, as in “May the 4th Be With You (a-la-Star Wars = May the Force Be With You).”


One of the sure signs of warm weather in Albuquerque is when the raspados come out. Those are the shaved ice treats with colorful flavored syrups poured over them.


Rainbow Raspados are a flavor hodge-podge.

At this affair, first one had to wait in line to purchase the cup of shaved ice. Then one had to wait in yet another line to get the flavored syrups. It was good for the business, but idiotic for the customers:  the shaved ice started melting before the customers could get the flavored syrup squirts.


In the line for flavor syrups for their raspados.

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