Basket Night 2017 | Post 1

Does your school need a fund-raising idea? Try out a Basket Night event.


Cleverly Placed Sunglasses

Our children’s elementary school holds a fund-raising event called “Basket Night,” once-a- year each spring.

How it works is that students from each classroom decide on a theme for a gift basket. Then those students donate an item to go into their class’s gift basket. After all the items are collected, the PTA decorates the baskets in appealing ways. Attendees oggle the baskets on display at the event, then place raffle tickets in boxes designated for each desired basket. ¬†Towards the end of the evening, raffle tickets are drawn and the winners collect their booty.


So Glad We Didn’t Win This, As Adorable As It Was!

I got a few good candid moments at the event, so stay tuned for their appearance in upcoming posts.


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