Tower Life Building At Night

This night exposure draws attention to the dramatic colored gels being projected the highly prominent landmark known as the Tower Life Building, in downtown San Antonio, Texas.


The Tower Life Building itself is 403′ feet high and its flagpole brings the height to 504′ feet. You better believe that from way at the top of the flagpole, the Stars and Stripes were dancing in the wind!  I had to use a tripod to capture this view.

Construction of this 30-story skyscraper began in 1927. It opened with great fanfare on June 1, 1929 as the Smith-Young Tower. At the time, this building was the grandest of the high-rise boom of the 1920s –just prior to the Wall Street Crash and subsequent Great Depression.

The octagonal-shaped office tower has setbacks on the upper floors that produce a wedding-cake effect. For the Christmas season, the tower’s cake layers were festively illuminated with colored gels.

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