Look First, Smile Later

We are continuing to look at my favorite images from the 2016 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. By my teasing out these images, it’s like re-living a really, really, long day. A day suspended in delightful fresh New Mexican air, cloudless sky, and smiles all around me.

Today’s post, begins with a look upon a tarp where a yellow fabric envelope of a special-shaped balloon, named Sunny Boy, is unfolded and spread out on the ground. This is one of the many steps that comes before the hot-air balloon is filled with air.


Sunny Boy, sunny side up

With this balloon, if you look near the frame’s dead center, you can see one of its eyes as it peeps up at Mr. Fish in the background. That’s the red character wearing a top-hat fascinator.

Later on in the morning, I returned to the area of the park where Sunny Boy was stationed. This time, it was inflated, though tethered to the ground.

The owners of this balloon must be players of “The Glad Game.” That’s the optimistic way of finding something to be glad about in every situation, no matter how bleak it may be; expecting the best of all possible worlds. Sunny Boy was full of cheer.


Sunny Boy is The Epitome of Pollyannaish


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