OFFCenter Folk Art Festival, 2016 | Part THREE

Let’s continue our look back to the amazing 14th Annual OFFCenter Folk Art Festival held in Robinson Park {at 8th + Central} in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 11, 2016.  The event widened public awareness of the non-profit OFFCenter Community Arts Project. It entertained more than 2,500 people with art, crafts, music, puppets, costumes, and social interaction of the most positive sort.  The mission of promoting self-identity and resilience through art making in a safe environment designed for social interaction was in play at this event. The many participants of all ages we able to enjoy the creativity and positive vibe.

As I sorted through my favorite images from the event, I noticed many of the costumes, whether simple or complicated, took advantage of wings. What we wear has the power to affect how we feel;  it’s a process called “enclothed cognition.” A costume that features a simple cape or elaborately structured set of wings has the ability to transform and empower one’s mindset. Pretending to be a creature, such as bird or fairy, that can move freely in the air is to become a thing of beauty; a thing that may fly. To Soar. How liberating.


Sid Vicious Helps A Monarch


Luminous Pink Wings


Highly Detailed Painted Feathers


If you want wings of your own, make sure you have registered to VOTE in the upcoming elections for President of the United States. In many states, you still have time to register to vote and confirm or change your voter information. Voting rules are different in every state. Don’t live with regret. Exercise your civil right and participate. Study up on the issues, the candidates, and your positions.

AND it’s not just about who is going to be our next President of the United States. Most elections will also have votes on candidates running for other Federally held offices (US Representatives), State held offices (Secretary of State, Supreme Court Judges, Court of Appeals Judges) and Ballot Issues (State Bonds, Constitutional Amendments).

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