OFFCenter Folk Art Festival, 2016 | Part TWO

On September 11, the 14th Annual OFFCenter Folk Art Festival was held in Robinson Park {at 8th + Central} in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was my first contact with the OFFCenter Community Arts Project. The mission of this non-profit is to promote positive self-identity and resilience through art making in a safe environment designed for creative social interaction.

Sometime after 12 noon, an inclusive end-of-summer celebratory parade was to encircle the park. Anyone was welcome to join the parade as long as he wore some sort of costume. The OFFCenter folks provided an ample supply of wildly imaginative papier-mâché masks, headpieces, puppets and costumes made out of recycled materials for anyone who wanted to adorn themselves and join the parade. Participation was free and the mood was jovial and free-spirited. Once individuals secured a costume, mask, and/or puppet, they hovered in a queue for the parade to start.


A Paper Mache Bird Hat and Yellow Wings Make a Complete Costume


On His Way to Whimsy



Decorated Umbrellas Are Folk Art!


A Tropical Fish Costume Holds it’s Place in the Parade Line

A Little Girl Pretends to be a Large Purple Panther

Pachamama – Earth Mother | A giagantic papier-mache puppet



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