KAFB Airshow 2016 | Part I

To celebrate Kirtland Air Force Base’s 75th anniversary, it hosted a two-day airshow on June 4-5th. It was the first time in 5 years that Albuquerque had an airshow, and the event attracted thousands of spectators of all ages. There were 17 ground and air demonstrations, which included acrobatic planes tumbling through the sky, a B-2 flyby and an F-18 Super Hornet.
IMG_1287-SIG-WEB KirtlandAFBAirShow-1524-SIG-WEB KirtlandAFBAirShow-1435-SIG-WEB KirtlandAFBAirShow-1450-SIG-WEB KirtlandAFBAirShow-1462-SIG-WEB KirtlandAFBAirShow-1506-SIG-WEB YellowPlaneDive-1364-SIG-WEB KirtlandAFBAirShow-1459-SIG-WEBKirtlandAFBAirShow-1376-SIG-WEB KirtlandAFBAirShow-1403-SIG-WEB


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