Balloon Fiesta 2015 |Part Three: Moms

In between and after taking photographs of the many exciting hot air balloons, there were a lot of opportunities to observe candid moments. Fiesta is a family-friendly event. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I noticed a lot of families,¬†moms specifically, with children of all ages nearly everywhere I looked.

I saw hundreds of tireless mothers doing what moms do: pushing strollers; waiting on kids; feeding those with hangries; chasing after the ‘wanderers’; facilitating children in whatever was needed. I didn’t set out to capture as many images as I did of mothers. It happened that way because moms were unavoidable.

So, here’s to the mothers who packed the snacks, woke the kids in the darkness, drove them to the park ‘N ride at 5 AM, made them wear jackets, pushed the strollers, wore the backpacks, waited in lines to buy hot cocoa, bought the silly hats…I could go on and on. Instead let’s walk in my snapmamma¬†shoes and see some moms in action. Bless their stamina!


With a cellphone, mom stays organized.



Some moms wear front loading baby carriers to keep their bundled babies in protective hugs through throngs of spectators.



Moms do so much to keep their little people happy.


Portable snack time is wherever mom sets up the picnic blanket.


Some moms never say “No.”



Some moms need a hand, too.



Moms hold on tight.



Mom stance: Hand on hip | Some moms purchase tickets for all their children to enjoy amusements. Then use strollers to carry all the kids’ coats; wait and wait and wait, some more while the kids go on the rides.



Moms experience the wonder of hot air balloons with their children, too.



Move out of the way! Mummy has a loaded stroller and she’s not afraid to use it.



Moms supply donuts. And wear lipstick at 8:30AM.



Moms hold hands.



If mom is going to push it, why shouldn’t she sit in it, too?

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