Where There Is No Water There is Paint

Ernest DotyWallNobHill-1601-FLICKR

Ernest Doty Mural in Nob Hill

It was an early morning when I drove by this building. The fast food restaurant across the parking lot wasn’t getting any business. The spaces in the tiny parking lot were empty and it offered a clear view of this large mural. You know we don’t have a lot of water in Albuquerque, but we do have paint.

This was created by an Albuquerque urban artist, Ernest Doty, who has relocated to California’s Oakland area to pursue his craft and more walls to paint.

Interpretations of this image are welcome in the comment section. What’s your take on what he was trying to say?

One response to “Where There Is No Water There is Paint

  1. Ernest just missed the wild blue ocean and thought he could add some wonders in a dry ABQ. This was many hours of work and makes you think.
    Good Luck in Oakland.

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