Bottoms Up!

I recently paid a visit (literally, you have to pay $1.00 to walk in) to the EXPO New Mexico Flea Market.  It’s the state’s oldest and largest open-air market. It’s held all year except during the State Fair that runs during the second and third week of September. More than 1,300 vendors set up on 25 acres and offer whatever can be hauled into a rented patch of asphalt.

I saw used toys, used furniture, religious statues, cowboy boots, watches, socks, umbrellas, chile peppers, agua fresca, costume jewelry, books, dart guns and so much more. Yes, I said dart guns. Offerings are random and cliched, exactly what one expects at a flea market. When you get home afterwards with or without a treasure, you want to get yourself a good handwashing and a stiff drink.

Even though Spanish is the lingua franca plenty of people speak English. I mostly kept my camera inside my shoulder bag so I wouldn’t attract undue attention or invite being followed by a pickpocket.  Here is the first of one of my few images from my photowalk.

ABQ FleaMarket-1377-Flickr

EXPO New Mexico Flea Market | Bottoms Up!

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