[33/100 Strangers] : Davina


[33/100]: Davina

It amuses me to think that as a child I was instructed not to talk to strangers. As an adult I have broken with that advice and met many of them while in the course of daily life, and from that, many interesting people. At least now I’m bringing my camera with me.

As it happened on this recent Springtime evening in Albuquerque it wasn’t too hot, and the air was dry because monsoons haven’t thundered in yet, though we have been experiencing hail storms. I found my next subject in the park. She was wearing a fake fur shrug: a sort of vintage-style bolero jacket. It’s a somewhat unusual accessory, and it gave way to my conversation with her. I explained the 100 Strangers project. She thought it would be great fun to be photographed.

This is Divina, 33/100, who told me she is Filipina. She was born and lived in the Philippines, then Japan, then Guam and finally to the mainland United States. She married a military guy and has lived in Albuquerque for 8 years.

“Being a military wife meant that we had to move around a lot.” Divina said. “It’s a lot of work to move [a household] with children. It’s tiring.

“My husband retired from the Air Force and now works for a cable broadband provider. Albuquerque is a good place for me, since I don’t like humidity. My children like it here so I’m glad we don’t have to move this time.” She said.

On a technical note: I used a reflector here to give her eyes some catch light sparkle, warm up her complexion and provide some dimension to that black little jacket. Her back was to the sun.

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