[30/100 Strangers]: Rachel


[30/100 Strangers]: Rachel

As I look back on the early part of my portraits from this project, here is one of my standout favorites. So many elements came together: finding a beautiful subject, having a reflector on hand, presence of high-quality light, my being at the ready with my equipment.

I saw Rachel in a park sitting in the grass. She had light behind her head causing her highlights to glow; I loved it. I asked her to be 30/100 of my 100 Strangers.

“Hi, I’m Rachel with an E,” she said.

To which I replied, “Hi, I’m Rachael with an A.”

We had our shared name moment and then pointed out each other’s children. She agreed without hesitation to participate in the project. After I finished the photos, I asked if she could tell me how her friends would describe her in one word.

‘I need to think about it,” she said.

When she emailed me to confirm receipt of her photo, her message was, “Thank you. I thought of a word for you, by the way. Quiet.”

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