Socks ‘N Boots

Candid moment at the Albuquerque Rail Yards Market in Barelas, NM.


ABQ Rail Yards Market |Socks ‘N Boots

If you have been following along on my posts, you periodically see a picture of ‘Burque street style. You also know that I’m working on a project to capture 100 Strangers. As you can probably imagine, I wanted to approach this woman for a stranger portrait!  She was totally wrapped up in a conversation with two people, and for so long a time, I had to move on. When I returned to her table, alas, she was gone.

We have an ongoing debate in my family about whether or not socks with sandals is OK. I won’t name who it is that likes this style, though Leslie is hip to it.  I wonder if this young lady has had debates in her house about the merits of wearing knee socks with cowboy boots. I don’t recall seeing it before, and it’s growing on me.

As for the young woman. I’ve returned to the Rail Yards on a few separate occasions.  During my most recent visit, I pursued her for a consensual portrait. Her name is Alaska and she coordinates vendors and volunteers for the Rail Yards Market.  I gave her a test drive conversation to feel out her personality. Since the project is my own, I decided against asking to photograph her portrait. I know! I know!  What were you thinking, Rachael?!  But really, I have to riff with the person in our first few moments. We had no banter and we didn’t click. So I didn’t click. It reminded me of speed dating: an encounter that was pleasant enough, but I needn’t check off the box to invite a date from the person in the future.

Have you had a similar mind changing experience where you decided against requesting the person to pause for the consensual stranger portrait, even if his or her veneer had potential? Share about it in the comments. I’d love to hear how that went, and how soon afterwards did you connected with your next subject and successfully photograph him or her.

2 responses to “Socks ‘N Boots

  1. Sometimes you just get bad vibes from eye contact and you stay away from this person. Remember Winky always attacked certain people.
    Animals have that sense. But enjoyed the the story and Pic’s.


    • It wasn’t that Alaska gave me bad vibes: she gave me NO vibes. Unless I’m paid to make a picture, without some sort of connection, I don’t click. What you see is what jazzes me (R).


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