More Water, Please


Pray 4 Agua

This large painting is above a gallery in downtown Albuquerque. Living in the southwestern United States, we are certain of a few things:, Birth, Death, Taxes, and Drought. Water is life.

Even if most of New Mexico has received above normal rainfall from January through June of 2015, there is hardly a level of the culture without water on its collective consciousness. People pray for the safety of their families, health and happiness and, yes: rain.

According to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration precipitation in New Mexico, from January – June, 2015 has been, “near to above normal” across most of New Mexico, except for the southwest corner.

Even as a drought lessens, the people will always ask for more water, please.

Someone wrote to us today asking if working on this blog was a lot of work. The short answer is YES. Creating images and write ups, editing, scheduling, formatting and managing the posts does burn time, and does take discipline and effort. Preparing material for this site is an activity being performed by real live humans with very busy lives outside of

Recently, this site reached the milestone of having published our 200th post. That’s a real accomplishment. But getting to that didn’t happen overnight. The endeavor requires discipline, and faithfulness. To everyone who is viewing, reading our entries, commenting on the photographs, faving the posts, following the site, making pingbacks, and sharing the posts: THANK YOU. 

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