[8/100 Strangers]: Louis


[8/100 Strangers]: Louis

This picture is 8/100 in my 100 Strangers project.

As I was collecting the contact information for my previous subject, along came Louis. I had just finished taking a portrait of his son’s mother, and he said he’d like to do a photo, too. Wow, that was convenient. He sat down next to Alyssa (#7), and so I wasn’t going to ask him to move. I took one shot. He asked to see it, and liked it. I don’t expect it to always be this easy.

Louis is a student at UNM. He is a dual major studying criminology and communication. Eventually, he would like to work for APD (Albuquerque Police Department). He’s pursuing that avenue and feels his background, which is like applied sociology, would benefit the force. Alyssa isn’t crazy about him working as a policeman. She said so, but we didn’t go into the whys of that.

I assured him that as long as he graduates, he will have many opportunities in his future that give him a chance to combine his interest and ability. Just get that piece of paper!

“It’s hard to be a parent of a young child and go to college,” he said.

“Yes, it is.” I agreed. “But the best gift, other than attention and love for your son, is to finish that degree and carve a future for your family.

I wish both Louis and Alyssa the best of luck.

Within twenty minutes of emailing his portrait, he replied with a “Thank You.” We exchanged a few more emails to make sure subject #7 received her image. While he didn’t comment on his own photo, he said she looked great.

2 responses to “[8/100 Strangers]: Louis

    • Thanks. I agree the overcast lighting made it possible to take without Louis having to squint, but a reflector could have livened him up a bit with some available and redirected natural light. I did start using a reflector recently. Many of the images after 29/100 take advantage of this new gear. See if you notice the difference when those come up in the posts!


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