…A New Door Opens


Adjusting to a family of four has had its up and down moments.  The ups have been sooo awesome and we love our little “baby babe jelly bean!” The challenges haven’t been unique from the standard life with a newborn and new child – thankfully!

It’s been a learning process. I was fighting to find the new, right balance. My sis pointed out that I’ve been taking pictures of doors lately on Instagram and via email. On some level, I wonder if it’s because I know we’ve opened the door to a new family dynamic. Yet, could it be that rather than my walking through, I’m stuck at the doorway?! Or maybe I just like doors. 🙂

Having come to this realization, I’m going to do my best to roll with it, and strut through our new family doorway. I’m leaving the past world order behind. Because like all things with people, the balance shifts.

As for my photography, it seems I’ve also given birth to a new series: Doors of NYC/NJ.

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