The Magic Fish

The light from above seemed to illuminate and reflect off this solitary koi (nishikigoi in Japanese): like a glowing celestial body in space. The artistic patterns on the fish look as if painted on, yes? The creature reminded me of Ed Arno’s drawings from a favorite book from my childhood.

IMG_2837-The MagicFishFLICKR

Nishikigoi | Koi

I saved my own copy of the folktale retold by Freya Littledale,  The Magic Fish The Fisherman and His Wife, as illustrated by Ed Arno (ca 1967). It’s a story that teaches an important lesson about greed and contentment, with expressive stylized drawings in blue and black ink.  A short but memorable tale for all ages where the fisherman catches a fish that claims to be magical, and so he is released to grant the fisherman a wish.

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