Snacktime At The Pond

With some dappled natural light, it is fun to capture the sight of colorful and variously patterned ornamental carp in a pond. They create beautiful gestural lines and curves with their swimming bodies.


Snacktime At the Pond

I have read that when Koi come to their water surface with mouths open they are gasping for air in a body of water with insufficient oxygen.  Like in this photograph, I have observed them hoovering at a water surface when little pieces of bread are being dropped from above. Not that I was the one offering the snack; some other zoo visitor was dropping food into the pond.  I was there to enjoy their motion and color.

In high school, I held an unusual part-time job in an aquatic toxicology laboratory. One of my tasks was to clean extra large fish tanks used to raise trout fry. The desire to own an aquarium full of fish was quashed within a few weeks.  Aquaculture of ornamental fish as a hobby requires a set of patience and resources that I lack.

I’m quite content to watch fish at aquariums and zoos and leave their care to professionals.

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