ABSTRACT | Sensual Mounds In White

White is the combination of all colors along the visible spectrum. Were it not for shadows, it would look blank.  When painting walls of a rented apartment and the landlord permits use of “white” paint, that’s when one may first pay attention to the fact that white comes in many shades that differ from pure white. In the age of digital photography, we learn how to read our histograms and manipulate exposures to avoid right-hand peaks.   It is challenging to make a photograph with white predominating the subject, but it can be worth a try if you recognize shadows and hues to give the white some shapes.

IMG_5405 ShortlivedSnow

Ephemeral Snow | 1/800 sec.; F/13; ISO-100; 64mm

Right before I went inside after capturing the snow fighting hullabaloo and stranger portraits, I made this abstract photograph. The snow that landed from the overnight storm and covered a few inches on the ground was not going to last long.  As the Albuquerque sun’s heat began to melt what fell, these sensual mounds appeared for a short time. 

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