La Cueva Snow Queens

In my earlier post, you saw some of the snowball fight that my boys incited against this group of young women. They got suckered in and enjoyed every silly minute of it.  On account of the snowy weather, they spent the weekend at their respective family homes in the neighborhood, to meet up for some girl time. They began their friendship in high school. Except for the young woman wearing the blue parka, who is a La Cueva senior, the others are First Years (Freshwomen) at the University of New Mexico.

After the snowball fight, they asked if I wouldn’t mind taking their group photo with one of their phone cameras. I asked if they wouldn’t mind my taking their photos with my camera afterwards, so I could use them for stranger portraits on Flickr and on the blog.  They giggled,”Yes.” They were having a good laugh among friends and didn’t really pose for me when I tried the individual shots. They were standing in a half-circle around me.

IMG_5305 Strangers8x12

“We met at La Cueva High School.”

IMG_5328 Stranger

Julia: Rocked Glacial Blue Hair on the Snowy Day.


Annie: Happy to be among her friends. “We all need a good laugh.”


Maggie: Balks at No Snowball.


Rana: Advised that my children, “Stick to the nerdly after-school activities, like the robotic club; to make great friends, try new subjects, and stay on the path to college.”


Mei: Shared enthusiasm for her HS Science Olympiad experience.

I gave them a link to a dropbox folder so they could download the images directly at their convenience.

They exuded a refreshingly positive youthful energy. I was pleased with the pastel tones in the background, along with the snow and cloudy mountain backdrop.

The snow was gone the next day!

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