Op-Art Color Symphony | Wynwood, Miami

Today’s image is a color study closeup of a building in Wynwood, Miami that features an extraordinary paint job. The orderly presentation of pattern and shape along with the sensitive color changes provided a symphony for my eyes.

Upon seeing it, I actually heard myself gasp, “ausgezeichnet!” This German exclamation roughly translates into an English slang superlative expression for “outstanding,” as in: “wicked awesome;” or:  “ultra-cool;” or: “rad;” or: whatever the hip are saying today, wrapped up in a deep-fried green-chile and chocolate covered cronut. You dig? 

Leslie knows I am a long-time fan of work of Hungarian-French Op-Art painter, Victor Vasarely. Look sometime at what he did without the aid of computer imaging.


Wynwood, Miami | Op-Art Color Symphony

Side note for readers seeking cool Science-Geek Status:   did you know it is possible to earn a Ph.D in Color Science?  R.I.T. (that’s Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, NY, USA) is advancing interdisciplinary scholarship and research in the quantification of our perception of color.  Consider this: engineers are developing the visual and photographic technologies for our image-filled future.  The  University’s website says, “As we begin the 21st century, color science is ubiquitous.”

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