Much in Little | Wynwood, Miami

The experience of making photographic images outside in the Southwest has been teaching me the value of including small, non-detracting elements inside the frame of the landscape.  Incidental appearances of living things, usually people, may offer visual circumstances and a sense of scale.

My cue to press the shutter is the instant when I recognize the still life becoming a moment in time, transformed by the interesting appearance of the living.  

When Wynwood characters were included in my image, their human dimension made the image stronger.  Shown in today’s post is Artist Faith47’s artwork, titled: “Multum in Parvo.” That is Latin for: “Much in Little.”  The couple in the frame functions as my Little. They represent the human condition while also providing the key to the monumental size of the painted mural.


Wynwood, Miami  | Praying For A Bus

“Are the buses running [on Christmas morning in Wynwood, Miami]?” I asked the pair sitting on the bench across the street. I hadn’t seen a single bus in 45 minutes while making photos along the route that lead me to the impressive facade we see above.

“Yes.” They assured me.

I think the couple was praying for a bus, in the right place to do it.

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