Art is For Everyone, Not Just the Elite | Wynwood, Miami

If one picture can be worth a 1000 words, what could a dozen or more pictures be worth?

Here is my favorite stumble in the Wynwood neighborhood, the Jose De Diego Middle School, where I think the value of an image supercedes words. This public school is located in a residential neighborhood within blocks of highfalutin art galleries,  Art Basel stunts, gentrified food tours and art walks.

More than 630 students get to see these painted walls every day. If I were one of those kids, I’d feel pretty lifted going into my school.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if phenomenal local or nationally respected artists were to decorate, in a manner like this, all the public schools across the country? It would prove that art is for everyone, not just the elite.

That artists chose this school to paint sends a message to the kids, teachers, staff, and disctrict that what goes on in this building matters. It speaks volumes to the neighborhood and community that this place is important.

IMG_1380 - Copy

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At the very front, where it looks like parent or bus drop-off, a painted piece declares, “This Is A Sacred Space.”  They convinced me.

JDD is a public school located at 3100 Northwest 5th Avenue, Miami, FL 33127

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