Provokative Juxtaposition | Wynwood, Miami

Pause in the Wynwood, Miami street salon with me a moment to regard these two editorial art pieces; considering them an au courant debate on Art.


Wynwood, Miami | Provokative Juxtaposition

On the Left: Art is commerce.

[Is it mockery or praise to allude to Jeff Koons’ “Balloon Puppy” and depict it as being fashioned out of a $100 bill?]


On the Right: Art is worth dying for.

[The white stenciled lettering says, “life is not WORTH living UNTIL YOU HAVE FOUND SOMETHING WORTH Dying FOR.”]

Do you take a side? Which one and why?

It’s interesting how current events in France (the targeted murders at Charlie Hebdo, the weekly French satire magazine)  made me reconsider the photograph as an artistic conversation, rather than seeing each piece as a stand alone.

On FLICKR, someone visited my stream and said he wanted to know the name of the artist that riffed on Jeff Koons. As typical with street art and graffiti, there must be a tag on the piece or adjacent to it. If I were really curious, I’d be scanning the painted green areas, or that mailbox to the left of it. Leave us a comment if you know the name,  or if you figured it out.

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