Assignment #3 – Pattern (R)

Finding patterns in everyday sights is not as difficult as is discovering patterns that are catchy or interesting.  While an obvious place to look for patterns is on our textiles, I wanted to challenge myself to find them in less obvious places; or at least places that were so mundane they would be easily ignored. While I was passing through the University Heights neighborhood of ABQ I noticed many unkempt little properties with charming details; yet only a few contained interesting patterns.  Some patterns are caught when something within them shifts or is disrupted, such as when there is a color change, an order misalignment,  or an absence of a piece of the pattern. Some patterns are glaring, and others are subtle.

IMG_9807-PatternDisruption-FlICKR IMG_9809-Trellis-Pattern IMG_9810-GaragePattern IMG_9885-Garbagecan-Pattern-FLICKR


Today while attending the Central New Mexico Team Chess League Finals,Spring 2014 (yes, two of my boys were competing) I saw a few more patterns.  Chess pieces, chess boards, chess ladders (how a team orders its players by rank position) and in the shot with group of  kids, they encircled the table of the trophies arranged by team categories.


IMG_7794-GirlsMatchChessTournament IMG_7819-Ladderand EmptyBoards IMG_7878-TrophyTime

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