Assignment #3 – Pattern (L)

When something happens once, it just happens. The second time it happens, it’s just  a coincidence. The third time something happens, it’s a pattern. For some reason all the visuals that caught my attention the day I walked around taking pictures for this photo assignment reminded me of the Southwest, leading to a series of tribal patterns. I miss my sister and her family. So maybe I was subconsciously looking for things that reminded me of them.

The first picture is the exterior of a building down my street. The second one is a section on an ottoman. And, the last one was taken walking by an anime convention happening at a local university.


f/11 1/400 secs ISO-400 29mm


f/4.5 1/50 secs ISO-400 42mm


f/14 1/500 secs ISO-200 22mm

Click to see Rachael’s Assignment #3: Pattern


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