Assignment #2 : Movement (R)

Isn’t it interesting how people interpret an assignment? What struck me in seeing Leslie’s “Movement” post, was the utter bombardment of text that surrounds her everyday experience by commuting to and working in NYC.  She focused mainly on modes of  transportation.  I will dovetail off her images with two of my own that feature elements of transportation.  One is a stream of cars driving along side a median. The still life of the xeriscape contrasts with the blur of the cars whizzing past. In the other a jet is taking off at sunrise and the diagonal upward cloud trail is frozen above the still, silhouetted mountain.


IMG_7521flickr IMG_9220-MOVEMENT

Since the topic was movement, I would be remiss without  a few images from today’s soccer matches.  Naturally, each game was played during the harshest parts of the mid-day light. I had an assignment, so I just squinted my way through it.  In these action shots, I was hoping to see some items in sharp focus, and others with some amount of blur. Movement is conveyed by gesture, angular momentum or blur.  Since a picture tells a story, while we are looking: HEY REF!  He was indeed pushed!




IMG_9449-RaffiThrowin IMG_9245-MOVEMENT





Click here for Leslie’s Assignment #2 Movement

One response to “Assignment #2 : Movement (R)

  1. The color of the sky is so rich in both of the top photos. When I looked before reading, I actually wasn’t sure if that was a falling star or something. Also, E&R look like pro footballers. 🙂


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