Assignment #2: Movement (L)

This week’s photo assignment is: Movement. All of the images I posted are related to transportation.


Exposure: 1/100
Focal length: 35mm

In this picture, I liked that the word “urgent” was in itself a reference towards movement in a way. Then when I focused out, it hit me that there was a second reference to movement with the taxis in the background.

f:3.5 exposure: 1/5 secs ISO-500 focal length: 18mm

exposure: 1/5 secs
focal length: 18mm

By the time I took this photo the rain had started and I was forced underground for the rest of my shoot. While rather literal, this ad campaign is about movement.


f: 32
Exposure time: 3.2 secs
Focal length: 50mm

One of the lessons I learned along the way for this assignment is that I am missing a valuable piece of equipment: a tripod! I wanted to play around with long exposures more, however, in most cases the images just came out bad. Then I let loose a bit and realized why not have some fun and play with the lights as a train pulled away. This was my first attempt in ages. Lots of room for improvement. In a way this reminds me of an EKG line.


f: 5.6
Exposure: 1/50 sec
Focal Length: 91mm

I love art stickers. When I saw the minor addition to the L train sign, I couldn’t stop singing,  “people of the world, join hands…join the love train, etc.” Again, this movement is public transportation related.


Exposure: 1/30 sec
ISO 100
Focus Length: 24mm

With this final photo for this assignment, I played around with the angle that I took this picture; for two reasons. The first is that I need to learn how to better adjust my positioning when there are reflections. Since I don’t have photo editing software, what you see is what you get for now. The reflection from the florescent lines were annoying me. Then, the second reason – and the one related to this assignment – when I turned the angle a bit, I started to feel as if the music was moving out of this mosaic man’s saxophone. This was taken at the 86th street stop, heading downtown.

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