From Gestalt to Parts

I am picking up where I left off in my last post (Link to it here!).  I wanted to show an example of  results from capturing the same subject from different vantage points.  I began by taking in the whole gestalt. Then I cropped in camera while moving into and around the subject to change my vantage points. I crept closer with my successive shots. While I have several other images from this session, these three were my favorites.

This subject is the John B. Roberts Dam on Juan Tabo NE.  It is a compelling outdoor location with a purpose: is a flood water control structure. From what I have gleaned off the internet, it was used in the acclaimed TV series, Breaking Bad, as a  pick-up /drop-off for drug deals.  Or something of that ilk.  I was not a viewer of the show, so I am mildly amused by the selection, too.

As a location. it offers several dozen large sculptural concrete blocks placed in a grid, along a steeply sloped, West facing hill. It receives the full East-West arc of the sun, with extreme hard light cradling it with shadows.  I really enjoy viewing it, and would revisit the spot for a portrait session at another time.  The grass and trees in front of it would probably look better, if included in photos, once they had greened up from some monsoon rain.


A jet entered the frame in the top right corner, disturbing my otherwise perfectly cloudless sky.

Pattern Repeat



The pale colors and peeling paint on this textural shot reminded me of the 1950s NY School of abstract expressionists.

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