Badger, CA 93603

This is a landmark along California State Route 245.


A rustic sight in Badger, California 93603

Badger is a rustic unincorporated community located in Tulare County, California. With a population of 140, it’s no surprise that it could not sustain its own grocery store. I can’t say if this building is abandoned entirely. Nothing was going on in the premises at the time when I photographed it.

On the Wiki, I read that a local chapter of Hare Krishnas runs its own school in Badger. I also read that the town’s children of high-school-age must endure a 23-mile bus ride to attend school in the nearest city, which is Visalia.

As you can imagine, this is a fairly isolated place to live. For some, I guess that is the point. The road to reach this area is winding and, frankly, quite nauseating! I can’t imagine having to sit in a vehicle and endure that ride 5x/ week.

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