Love Life–Fight The System | Muralism

In Albuquerque’s University Heights neighborhood, I know a particular parking lot where murals live a long minute. Parked cars usually block the artworks. On this occasion, I was able to document an entire piece. The artwork slants into current politics and appears dated to mid-February, 2017. It’s painted in a primitive folk-art-like style.

Love Life | Fight the System

The underlying theme is evidently support for environmental and social justice activism.

At the top are nine evil eyes. Beneath them are two large hands that resemble claws, or fingers with flame tips; a metaphor that speaks to urgency for fighting ardently on behalf of causes that are sloganeered on the mural:





“FDT” (stands for F**K Donald Trump)

“NODAPL (stands for No Dakota Access Pipeline)

There is a symbol for peace, and a heart symbolizing love.

At the bottom, the flowers have eyes: They see.

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