With Education, You Can Take Flight!

“UNAMITA” by Sebastian, is a large, bold contemporary sculpture on the campus of The National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, in San Antonio, Texas, located in Hemisfair Park.

I believe the piece communicates a metaphor for how education, language and cultural understanding opens up a world of possibilities to liberate the individual. What do you see?

This artwork was a gift to UNAM from ING. GILBERTO BORJA NAVARRETE in celebration of its 60th anniversary in the city of San Antonio, Texas. It was unveiled on October 21st, 2004 by DR. JUAN RAMON DE LA FUENTE, rector of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

A Finnish friend saw this photo and informed me that the artist Sebastian received the Jerusalem Award of the Zionist Federation of Mexico and the City of Jerusalem, Israel in 2005.

It takes special people to be known by merely one name.

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