Spirit of the Thin Blue Line

As a tourist, it’s likely that you may overlap with a season or holiday period to the locale. Even if the holiday is not your own to celebrate, preserve some of the details in your photographs to enhance your memories of the visit.


Christmas Tree in the Main Plaza, Downtown San Antonio,TX

“The SPIRIT of the Thin Blue Line” was the theme for this regionally decorated Christmas tree. It was dressed to pay tribute and show  appreciation for police officers in San Antonio. The tree topper is a pinata-like star, which reflects the Mexican influence on the local culture.

On the overcast day, the colorful holiday decorations were an attraction to the eye in the urban landscape. In my framing, I made a point of including the Texas flag, although it is in the distance, to remind me of the setting for the picture.

POST-SCRIPT: I have just read news that during last night, a severe storm dropped one and possibly three tornados in San Antonio. It caused damage to more than 100 homes, and authorities are securing roadways while debris removal is underway. San Antonio is a resilient community. We send our concern and prayers to all who are dealing with the aftermath: from the first responders, to the unfortunate people who may have lost their homes, and to all the others who are coping and are affected by the disaster.  May they be stronger together once this ordeal passes.

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